Why Choose Debt Eezy?

Personal Service

You will have a dedicated debt counselor from beginning to end. Together with that a team of friendly and efficient support staff to answer all your questions.

Immediate Protection

The moment you sign up with Debt Eezy, you are immediately legally protected
All your precious assets and possessions are safe from all creditors

100% Committed

Once you are signed up with Debt Eezy, our friendly and efficient staff guarantee your application runs smoothly and that all your creditors are 100% satisfied.

Are you over indebted?

Debt Eezy will assist in reducing existing monthly installment to all your creditors, which you determine to under the program, with a reduced interest rate as well.
Your monthly installments will be reduced so that you as the consumer have more cash in your pocket to cover your daily expenses.
You have the ease of mind of no more harassing telephone calls from creditors


Debt Centre & Consumer Debt Support & Debt Eezy

We have combined our expertise to bring you the consumer the best debt counselling service.

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About Us

Debt Eezy was established in 2012 by a few individuals that wanted to make a change in the financial industry who is the founding members of Debt Eezy.

We are a well established company and more then 10 years experience in the financial sector which provides quality service and helped hundreds of satisfied clients. We have since joined other individuals in 2018 which share the same mission and vision of the company which we reestablish ourselves and form part of a Debt Centre group which service all South Africans with passion and dedication.

Our MISSION is to deliver excellent and quality service in a professional and personal manner.

Our VISION is to service clients to become debt free and once more credit worthy.

MOST IMPORTANTLY! We treat our clients as family!

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Steps for Debt Review

Debt Counselling is a professional service provided for over-indebted consumers. It’s a process regulated by the new National Credit Act and provides the consumer with a greater protection against creditors wishing to take legal action. The goal of Debt Counselling is to: create a repayment plan that will allow consumers to meet their basic living expenses and develop a repayment plan that is affordable to the consumer and acceptable to the creditor.
The process with the creditors is managed by the appointed Debt Eezy Debt Counsellor who represents the consumer’s best interests.

  • Step 1:Debt Eezy

    Realize you are over indebted and make an appointment for counseling.

  • Bring your:

    - ID
    - Salary slip
    - 3 month bank statements
    - Most recent creditor statements

  • We send form 17.1 (notification) within 5 days of application and form 17.2 (proposal) to creditors.

  • Negotiations with your creditors on your behalf. Apply for Consent order

  • Obtain consent order

  • Once all your debts are paid, you will be removed from the credit bureau

Benefits of Debt Counselling

Advantages to the employer:

- Reduce workload of payroll department.
- Overall reduction of deductions per employee.
- Less stressful wage negotiations.
- Increased productivity, less stressed employees.
- A substantial reduction in monthly advances.
- Improvement in Financial literacy.

Advantages to the creditor:

- Managed Portfolio
- Immediate Payment
- Cost Savings on Legal Process
- Reduced Debt Exposure
- Preferred Option by Unions
- Softer Approach – Keep Customer
- Rehabilitation of Customer

Advantages to the customer:

- Immediate Relief
- Basic Living Expenses Ensured
- Do not lose any possessions or property
- It is Not Expensive
- Do Not Increase Debt to Pay off Debt
- Save on Compound interest
- Record Remains Clean

Voluntary Redistribution:

(voluntary arrangement with your credit providers)

- Voluntary Redistribution is intended to assist consumers who are experiencing a temporary cash flow problem;
- It operate as an alternative arrangement affordable to the consumer and acceptable to the creditor;
- We offer affordable monthly repayment plans for all accounts;
- Everybody qualifies;
- If you are not already blacklisted with the CB, you will be protected from being blacklisted;
- No harassing phone calls from creditors;
- No legal action –no repossessions of your assets;
- You have an option to cancel at any time


What do you need to apply for these services?

- certified copy of ID
- 3 months bank statements
- Payslip (monthly 1), (fortnight 2), (weekly 4)
- Consumer needs to know which accounts/creditors he/she wish to place under either of the abovementioned program.

Rescission of Judgement

What is Rescission of Judgement?

It is an application brought in court before a Magistrate to make such application an Order of Court to have your name removed from the Credit Bureau if you were blacklisted.

In order for such an application to be considered and successful, the client has to satisfy certain criteria:
- the account concerned need to be settled in full by the client;
- the client should be in possession of a letter from the creditor stating that the account has been settled in full with a nil balance;
- the client need to inform the creditor of his/her intentions of bring such an application and also inquire from the creditor if they have any objection to such an application and if such creditor has no such objection, the client should request that the creditor puts this in writing that the client may continue with such application which will then form part of the application;
- the client however, when bringing such an application should, once he/she has obtained a court date, should inform the creditor of such a court date to enable the creditor to either object or consent to such an application;
- once the client has received such objection or consent, the client may continue with the application and if the Magistrate is satisfied that all documents (incl. copy of the client’s ID, Settlement letter, confirmation letter from creditor as well as consent letter that the creditor has no objection to such an application) necessary is attached to such application and there is no objection from the creditor concerned, the Magistrate may make such application an Order of the Court.

* Once the client is in possession of such an Court Order, he/she will have to inform and forward a copy of the Court Order to all credit bureaus on which the client is listed of the order and request that his/her name be removed.

* The process of removing your name, may take any time from 20 days or more.

* The client may also forward such copy to the creditor and may request the creditor to remove his/her name themselves from these Credit Bureau.

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You will have a dedicated debt counselors from beginning to end. Together with that a team of friendly and efficient support staff will assist will answer all your questions in order to provide your peace of mind to financial wellness


Ashley Carstens

Managing Director(CEO)

A sad time for Debt Centre, Debt Eazy, and Consumer Debt Support with the news of the passing of Ashley Carstens. We will remember him for his big heart, unselfishly caring, generosity, and that big laugh that was contagious. Your passing left us with a void that will never be filled ever. Your memory will become Debt Center’s treasure. Your dream to build a great business is your legacy and we will build on and keep your memory alive, in all we do. You were greatly loved by us all. RIP Ashley, you will be missed.


Ashley Carstens

Managing Director(CEO)

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Operational Manager

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